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We are so pleased that you are exploring Yale-NUS College and considering submitting an application. From the grounding-breaking research of our faculty to the entrepreneuring spirit of our students , it’s safe to say there is never a dull moment at Yale-NUS. From the very beginning, Yale-NUS was designed to offer an education like none other. Drawing on the tradition of excellence at both Yale University and the National University of Singapore, Yale-NUS has met and exceeded the vision laid out by its founding faculty and administrators.

Whether in the classroom, the laboratory or the common lounge in one of our Residential Colleges, Yale-NUS students evaluate not only of what they see in the world, but also why they see such things and where we will move in the future. Incorporating the experiences of students from over 50 countries, classes at Yale-NUS span the central knowledge of both Eastern and Western traditions.

The Yale-NUS community, students and faculty alike, encourages celebration of difference as much as similarity. Innovation and adventure are paramount to the Yale-NUS experience. From summer sessions in Chile to class trips in Malaysia to creating and implementing our first student government, Yale-NUS students are doers.

As you envision your four-year college experience as a time of intellectual and personal growth, we hope you will consider Yale-NUS.

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