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Actively. caring for people

Ms Samantha Tan Jiamin, 24, says she “can’t really sit still”. She is a go-getter with a penchant for healthy activities such as dragonboating, exercising and nature travel.

She also has an unwavering passion for serving in the healthcare sector.

“I have always wanted to join the healthcare sector since my secondary school days, when I joined the St John Ambulance Brigade as a co-curricular activity (CCA),” she recalls.

The CCA experience piqued her passion to contribute to the healthcare sector, which eventually led her to apply for the Singapore-
Industry Scholarship (SgIS).

Multi-disciplinary insights
“I chose SgIS because it accepts a diverse range of disciplines and partners numerous healthcare organisations, allowing me to kick-start my
career in healthcare upon graduation,” says Ms Tan, an executive in the Primary Care Division at the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).

With the scholarship, she pursued a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in the National University of Singapore because environmental
issues are one of her interests.

She valued the multi-disciplinary curriculum that inculcated adaptability and taught her critical-thinking skills that she could apply at work.

Upon graduation last year, she joined AICand was admitted to a young talent programme for SgIS scholars which aims to provide fresh graduates and young professionals with a challenging and fulfilling career.

“To maximise our potential, AIC provides us with the exposure, knowledge and networks such as Personal Induction Experience Programme,
Ground Attachment, Job Rotations, Mentorship, Developmental Projects and Structured Training Programmes.

“The exposure has provided me with valuable insights on the community care and primary care sector, and has helped me to better scope
my career goals,” she says.

Shaping the healthcare sector
Ms Tan works in the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) team, one of the functions in the Primary Care Division.

Her team engages members of the public through regular community roadshows to increase awareness about CHAS, encourage applications
and scheme utilisation.

“As I joined AIC to pursue my passion in healthcare and to care for the seniors, it is important to me that my exposure in AIC is meaningful and
purposeful such that I can contribute towards shaping the healthcare sector for current and future generations,” she says.

One of her memorable events at work was volunteering as a Silver Generation Ambassador, where she visited seniors at their homes to increase their awareness of relevant government schemes and health services.

“This experience constantly reminds me of my purpose in healthcare and renews my conviction of the continual need to shape the healthcare landscape into one where Singaporeans would be happy to age in,” she says.

To those who are considering an SgIS, she advises: “The SgIS caters to the greater mass of undergraduates from different disciplines as
there will be something for everyone.

“The wide array of companies that is offered in the SgIS means that undergraduates have many choices. Choose wisely and follow your