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ESSEC student is learning from a diverse, global classroom

By Aster Tan

Like many students studying overseas in 2020, ESSEC Business School undergraduate Clara Tusin’s grit and agility were tested in more ways than one. The 21-year-old had to return to Singapore earlier than planned due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and she also experienced two quarantines and two lockdowns in Singapore and France. 

Through it all, the Global Bachelor in Business Administration (GBBA) Program student learnt to deal with uncertainty and to take things in her stride. The Diversity Scholarship recipient shares how ESSEC’s diverse student body and global exposure have primed her to thrive in the new world order.

  • What unique experiences has ESSEC given you? 

“ESSEC’s campuses in Singapore, France and Morocco allow for an incredibly diverse student body. My ESSEC journey began in Singapore before I moved to the Cergy campus in France last year. 

“In August, I will be pursuing a double degree at Tongji University in Shanghai, China – should the borders open. I will graduate with a Bachelor in Business Administration from both ESSEC Business School and Tongji University. Studying at both institutions allows me to observe how culture plays a role in business.”

  • How did Covid-19 change your life? 

“I was in Cergy, France, in the spring of 2020 when Covid-19 broke out. I had to return to Singapore two months earlier and do online learning.

“In the summer, many internships were suspended, but I was fortunate to be offered a spot at French professional services firm Keyrus. I built rapport with my team over many Zoom meetings and worked on projects with them without meeting them in person. 

“I also took on the role of Singapore lead at NGO She Loves Tech. One highlight was working with the different teams from all over the world to redesign the process and experience of the local pitch competition – held virtually for the first time last year.”

  • How has ESSEC primed you for the new normal?

“Multilateral cooperation between different countries and people based on effective communication and a nuanced understanding of various cultures is essential to not only surviving the pandemic, but also defeating it.  

“At ESSEC, I have met and learnt from people from all over the world. In the classroom, there is diversity of thought and opinions. This has made me an active listener and more open to having my perspective challenged in order to sharpen my analytical and collaboration skills.”

  • What are your hopes and dreams for 2021?

“I am now interning at KPMG’s Digital Village in Singapore; this is my last internship before I graduate from ESSEC. I hope to emerge more well-equipped and knowledgeable so as to be successful in the technology and consulting industries.”

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