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Holistic development

Like a lot of young adults, Miss Ang Hui Shan yearned to see the world after graduating from junior college. She was also certain that she wanted to be an engineer and was thrilled when ST Engineering offered her an overseas scholarship.

Miss Ang embarked on a fouryear Master of Engineering (Honours) programme in aerospace engineering at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, from 2011 to 2015.

As Singapore’s largest homegrown engineering company with worldwide operations, ST Engineering offers diverse engineering business areas, which Miss Ang felt she could potentially contribute towards.

Says the River Valley High School alumnus: “To me, taking up the scholarship meant job security in a field of my interest. The prospective career development opportunities were the icing on the cake.”

Part of a big family

At ST Engineering, all scholars are enrolled into a mentorship programme with each one assigned a senior staff member.

“My mentor and I have forged a friendship that makes me feel genuinely supported and valued throughout my time with ST Engineering,” says the 24-year-old.

During her studies, her mentor made arrangements to expose her to the different aspects of the aerospace industry, which had allowed her to make more informed choices about the types of work she wanted to delve in.

The duo still meet up regularly over a cup of coffee now that Miss Ang has started working. “I would often bounce an idea off him and he would provide invaluable insights, new perspectives and share his life and business experiences, which are often very helpful.

“This support and encouragement is one of my biggest takeaways from the scholarship,” she says.

The ST Engineering overseas scholarship is a long-term investment that the company is shown committed to.

The scholarship does not stop at sponsoring university tuition fees; time and effort is also dedicated towards ensuring the scholars’ personal development and exposing them to the multitude of opportunities available.

Miss Ang highlights: “The best thing about the scholarship is perhaps the feeling of being taken care of by a big family, where a family member is given the space and resources needed to be the best version of oneself.”

Staff welfare

The company promotes a prolearning culture and invests in helping staff build their skillsets. An established system has been put in place to ensure that employees get to select and attend a couple of training courses relevant to their work every year.

Last year, Miss Ang attended a fully-sponsored specialised course in the United States that was very beneficial to her work. Such training courses enable her to continue building knowledge in her topics of interest and make her feel appreciated as an employee.

Miss Ang is enjoying her work as a systems engineer for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in the Advanced Systems Department of the company’s Engineering & Development Centre.

Some of her tasks include troubleshooting UAV systems, designing and implementing system modifications, planning and conducting tests and supporting local and overseas UAV flight trials. She says: “The most fulfilling part about my job is the ability to personally see through the entire design process from conceptualisation, build and test, and finally to delivery.

“The short design cycle brings about its own set of challenges as I often have to solve problems quickly and spontaneously. Nevertheless, nothing beats the instant gratification gained from witnessing the success of my design solutions.”