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Keeping the streets safe

Finding your true calling in life can come in the most unexpected of ways.

For Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Boh Ping Hui, 31, his stint as a Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) officer made him realise his passion was in law enforcement.

He says: “I served my National Service in the Singapore Police Force (SPF), as an NPC officer in Clementi NPC.

“During my reservist duty, I spoke with my NPC’s Commanding Officer Tan Mei Fer, who encouraged me to join the Singapore Police Force. She also provided me with a clearer picture of what a career in the SPF would be like.”

Thanks to the additional advice from his former team leader from Clementi NPC, he applied for a scholarship with the SPF while he was pursuing a
degree in environmental engineering at the National University of Singapore.

Using his university results to apply for the scholarship as a mid-term scholar, he was awarded the Home Affairs Uniformed Services Local Merit

Great progression path
After graduating, he went through a nine-month basic course in the Home Team Academy, which included physical training and learning essential
knowledge of Singapore laws and procedures.

This equipped him with the skills needed for his subsequent posting for the next two years as an Investigation Officer (IO) in Clementi Division.

Following this, he was selected to be a team leader for the pioneer batch of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) in Jurong Division, a role he
served in for another two years.

Success through teamwork
DSP Boh found the physical aspects of the job a little tough at first, but his supportive team helped him to overcome this challenge.

He says: “After I was picked to be an ERT team leader, the training that I had to go through was physically demanding. My officers took me to the
gym, trained with me and encouraged me.”

In the process, he learnt to tap on the strengths of other people, identify and work on his weaknesses and to stay humble, knowing that there are always new things to learn from others.

He appreciates that the scholarship gave him the opportunity to experience a wide spectrum of job roles within the SPF.

He says: “Being a scholar, I was entrusted with projects that gave me the opportunities to work with external agencies and to also network with
scholars from other departments. These projects and connections helped to develop me beyond my main role and job scope.”

DSP Boh is currently on a staff posting as a Doctrine Officer in the Training and Capability Development Department of the SPF.

It is responsible for aligning the strategic directions of all training matters in SPF, and his duties include developing, maintaining and reviewing training-related knowledge documents.

He says: “Being a police officer is not an easy career to pursue. “Hence, you must truly believe in the SPF’s mission to prevent, deter and detect
crime before embarking on this journey. “However, the work can be rewarding in other ways, such as knowing that you are contributing to
the world-class safety and security of Singapore.”