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SIT computer engineering undergraduate wants to change the world with innovative ideas

Mr Lim Cheng Kai enjoys the practical experience he gets as an undergraduate at SIT, as he has gained a better understanding of many theoretical concepts. PHOTO: MAX CHAN

By Gilbert Wong

Looking at the world today, we sometimes forget just how much we have progressed technologically in the last few decades. 

These advancements are not lost on Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) undergraduate Lim Cheng Kai, who has always had a keen interest in the field. 

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, he has seen the increasingly important role of technology, as people seek out digital solutions for every aspect of their lives, from healthcare to work to play. 

Mr Lim, 24, is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Computer Engineering at SIT, with a focus on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). 

“The pandemic has taught everyone that the need for transformation is becoming more important. We need to keep up with the digital age, and leveraging technology will benefit everyone,” says Mr Lim, who is also an SIT Mid Term Scholarship holder. 

“My course has equipped me with advanced communication and interpersonal skills; these will benefit me immensely when transitioning into the world of remote working.”

Hands-on lessons 

Mr Lim particularly enjoys the practical experience he gets in his course, as he has gained a better understanding of many theoretical concepts.

“We have mini laboratory projects which further test our understanding of the topics learnt,” he says. 

He also notes how he was given the opportunity to use valuable equipment such as the Over-the-Air (OTA) Chambers — used to test wireless technology such as 5G networks — to evaluate total radiated power, total isotropic sensitivity and relative sensitivity on intermediate channels. 

Studying technology has also allowed Mr Lim to take part in notable projects, such as presenting a technical nomination paper on eliminating forklift incidents in warehouses at the ITS World Congress 2019, a global event focused on smart mobility and the digitalisation of transportation. 

He also found real-world uses for his studies, such as an initiative to assist quadriplegic patients in overcoming their mobility and transport problems, as part of an SIT module. 

Mr Lim dreams of a future where our lives can be improved and made easier, thanks to technological innovations such as vehicular advancement, advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

“I truly believe that we have the power to transform… and I want to be a part of this movement to change the world,” he says. “As technology represents the connectors that bind the world together, I will continue to contribute through technology to make the world a better place.” 

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