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Taking flight

While some may struggle with the demands of one fulltime position, Mr Sim Jun An can proudly say that he can juggle two — within the same company.

The 27-year-old works at the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) as an executive engineer for surveillance projects, as well as a manager in digital strategy and architecture.

“I find my work meaningful as it contributes to the overall effort to ensure safe and efficient air travel in our region,” says Mr Sim.

Prior to this, Mr Sim was enrolled in the Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) at Nanyang Technological University, where he was awarded
the CAAS Undergraduate Scholarship. He graduated with a bachelor in engineering science (aerospace engineering) and Master of Science in technology management.

The CAAS Undergraduate Scholarship enabled him to explore various sectors of the organisation by undergoing internships at different divisions
in the summer.

Mr Sim’s first internship involved developing a new framework to improve the efficiency of safety oversight, while his second internship allowed
him to assist in the development of enforcement decision aid for non-compliance of regulations.

He says: “The internships gave me a better understanding and insight into the industry and the regulations developed by CAAS to ensure safe air

At CAAS now, Mr Sim’s concurrent roles allow him to further his capabilities in contrasting sectors. As an executive engineer, he prepares technical specifications and documents, and subsequently manages the project implementation phase. In the digital strategy and architecture team, he works with his colleagues to formulate strategies that can drive digital transformation in CAAS and support different line divisions in their digital efforts.

“I get to work with industry partners to develop and implement new innovative technologies that could potentially enhance our air traffic management capabilities,” he says.

Mr Sim’s interest in the aviation industry and subsequently the CAAS Undergraduate Scholarship was due to a desire for a career path that serves a larger purpose – one that goes beyond driving profits.

“I am also fascinated by Singapore’s ability to ensure safe air travel for passengers, given the high volume of air traffic in our skies,” he adds. “Given the trans-boundary and dynamic nature of the aviation industry, I believe it will provide an exciting career.”

With the fast-evolving nature of the industry, Mr Sim hopes to gain deeper knowledge in the different operational aspects at CAAS, so he can develop strategies or policies to resolve issues faced by stakeholders in the industry.

“I look forward to honing my technical knowledge and expertise through the extensive developmental and training opportunities provided by
CAAS,” says Mr Sim, “so that I can contribute significantly to projects with industry partners.”