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Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)

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The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore’s raison d’etre is to develop the air hub and aviation industry in Singapore, expanding our links to the rest of the world. We enable opportunities through aviation, making contributions, opening doors and enabling choices in people’s lives.

The CAAS Scholarship is an unrivalled opportunity for you to gain a higher education, the first step in your journey to build and shape the future of civil aviation and to make CAAS a leading force in international aviation.

Scholars' Experience

A clear runway for career take-off

The CAAS Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship...

Taking flight

CAAS scholar Sim Jun An wears two hats at...

Reaching for the skies

Ms Du Yiran is scaling new heights to fulfil...

Precision and Purpose

CAAS scholar Chua Sin Ying finds ensuring...

Flight fantasy comes true

An internship with the Civil Aviation...

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