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Auditor General's Office (AGO)

The Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) is an independent organ of state and the national auditor. Our mission is to audit and report to the President and Parliament on the proper accounting and use of public resources so as to enhance public accountability and help strengthen the financial governance of the public service.

We audit:

  • government ministries and departments
  • organs of state
  • statutory boards
  • government funds
  • other public authorities and bodies administering public funds (upon their request for audit), e.g. government-owned companies

We report our audit observations to:

  • the President, Parliament and the public through the Annual Report of the Auditor-General
  • management of the organisations audited through management letters

Our observations include system weaknesses, non-compliance with control procedures or legislation, and instances of excess, extravagance, or gross inefficiency leading to waste in the use of public funds and resources.


AGO Auditing Service Scholarship & AGO Auditing Service Scholarship (Mid-Term)
AGO believes in nurturing outstanding and talented individuals who desire to serve Singapore and are interested to pursue a fulfilling career in public sector auditing. If you are a driven...