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DSTA Scholarship

The Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) brings you to the forefront of engineering, digital transformation and cybersecurity. From working on software development and systems integration to unmanned technologies and artificial intelligence, you can have an impact on Singapore’s defence.

Achieve your fullest potential with opportunities to build your technical expertise and hone your competencies in diverse domains. You can also expect an immersive learning experience, where you will work with bright minds and collaborate with global industry experts.

DSTA is recognised as a top employer in the Engineering & IT sector, where our engineers and IT professionals work alongside procurement specialists to deliver state-of-the-art capabilities for Singapore’s peace and security.

Internship opportunities and a meaningful career await you.


DSTA Merit Cyber Scholarship
Keen on working with the latest digital technologies and safeguarding Singapore’s cyber space? You can begin that journey with the DSTA Merit Cyber Scholarship. Throughout your undergraduate studies, receive support...
DSTA Polytechnic Engineering Scholarship
HEAD TO THE PEAK OF INNOVATION With the DSTA Polytechnic Engineering Scholarship, you can look forward to pursuing your passion in engineering. Hone your skills in a dynamic environment where...
DSTA Polytechnic Digital Scholarship
HEAD TO A FUTURE OF TRANSFORMATIONWith the DSTA Polytechnic Digital Scholarship, you can look forward to exciting opportunities in emerging fields such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and Internet...
DSTA Scholarship
STAY AHEAD WITH THE DSTA SCHOLARSHIP.With the DSTA Scholarship, look forward to grow and excel in a collaborative and dynamic environment where innovation thrives.Push the boundaries of science and cutting-edge...
DSTA Junior College Scholarship
Embark your amazing journey in science and technology with our Junior College Scholarship.
DSTA Merit Scholarship
With the DSTA Merit Scholarship, university undergraduates can look forward to exciting opportunities to explore and innovate in the areas of engineering, digital technology and cybersecurity. Realise your full potential...