Global experience

ESSEC Business School undergraduate Milan Vidanovic gets to develop a strong international network that is essential in today’s globalised world.
Global experience

STUDENTS searching for a unique undergraduate experience in business studies can consider ESSEC Business School, which has been offering programmes in Singapore since 2005.

Mr Milan Vidanovic, 20, is a recipient of the Regional Diversity Scholarship from the business school, which covers up to half of his tuition fees.

This scholarship aims to create further diversity in ESSEC’s already diverse student body. As such, applicants must come from North or South America, Asia-Pacific, Europe (except France) or Africa.

Scholarship decisions are made during the application process for the course, and are awarded to applicants who demonstrate both academic excellence and a strong international cultural background.

Shortlisted candidates will need to go through an interview.

The scholarship has no bond, but recipients are expected to maintain good grades and be a good ambassador for the school.

Building a strong network

Mr Vidanovic has just completed the first two years of the Global Bachelor in Business Administration (Global BBA) programme at ESSEC’s Asia-Pacific campus at one-north, Singapore.

Reflecting the international mindset at the business school, students on the Singapore
track of the Global BBA spend the first two years locally, and then continue for the next two years at ESSEC’s campus in Cergy-Pontoise in France.

Students also have an opportunity to go for an exchange programme at one of ESSEC’s 145 partner universities during the second part of their studies.

“Having the opportunity to interact with students and professionals, including the alumni, from different nationalities and industries gives us the chance to build a strong
network, which I believe is essential in the globalised world we live in today,” says Mr

The ability to communicate effectively is essential, thus students will pick up at least two new languages as part of their degree programme.

Mr Vidanovic, who has Serbian and Macedonian roots, has been learning Italian and
French at ESSEC.

Having lived in Singapore for most of his life, he began his education at a local primary
school before continuing at an international school here.

“Studying in ESSEC in Singapore gives me a competitive advantage as the country is a
global hub for business and finance, with a wealth of possibilities to explore in a highly
dynamic environment,” he says.

Among his favourite subjects in the Global BBA are geopolitics, business law and marketing.

Geopolitics, while not strictly a business subject, helps him to understand how societies
interact and impact each other through a historical and forward-looking perspective, while marketing allows him to demonstrate his flair for generating innovative business ideas to appeal to consumers.

Practical matters
The business school places great emphasis on “learning-by-doing”.

The Global BBA incorporates at least nine months of professional experience, with a three-month operational internship at the end of the first year and a six-month managerial internship in the second phase of the programme.

Students must also serve a one-month stint at a non-profit organisation to gain experience in humanitarian work.

This enables the students to put their theoretical knowledge to practical use in a real-world context, not just in the business world but also to help others.

The international dimensions of the course and the extensive professional experiences are designed to produce graduates who are versatile and adaptable, responsive to a world that is transforming at a rapid pace.

“The Global BBA is suitable for individuals looking for an unconventional learning
experience — someone who embraces change and is willing to step out of his comfort zone,” says Mr Vidanovic.

Other scholarships from ESSEC include the Academic Excellence Scholarship and Singaporean Scholarship.

For those interested in applying for ESSEC’s scholarships, Mr Vidanovic suggests picking the scholarship best suited to their profile, background and achievements to increase their chances of obtaining it.

“Focus on what makes you stand out. The best opportunity to showcase your true self is during the interview, thus I put a lot of emphasis on pre-interview preparation and being confident in my capabilities and accomplishments," he says.

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