3 questions to ask before applying for a scholarship

Follow this handy guide to make the right choice amid a maze of options
3 questions to ask before applying for a scholarship
Published 13 Jul 2018

Scholarships are a boon for students as they provide financial assistance and serve as a career springboard.

Among the myriad options available, how do you select a scholarship that will be in line with your interests and talents?

Make the process easier by asking yourself these three questions:

1. Are my interests aligned with that of the organisation?

Most scholarships cover the cost of your tertiary education and provide a salary when you start work. But a payback to the organisation that offered the scholarship in the form of a bond is usually required.

This means you must work for the organisation for a fixed period of time — usually four to six years.

The crucial questions to ask yourself are: Is my potential job aligned to my interests and values? Can I meet the physical and emotional demands of the work that I will be doing during the bond period?

Miss Wong Mun Yee, 19, has a passion for imparting knowledge. This made applying for the teaching scholarship with the Ministry of Education (MOE) a clear choice.

She says: “As I have passion for the job, I know that I will do my best and thrive in my future role if I get it.”

Another applicant to the same scholarship, Miss Priscilla Lee Wen Hui, 19, says that she chose it as she shares MOE’s vision and will be able to find purpose in working for the organisation.

2. Will the scholarship pave the way to my preferred career?

Instead offocusing on the perks of a free university education, think about your long-term career development before committing to a scholarship.

For example, 19-year-old Miss Dana Li Siew En feels that the attachment opportunities offered by the Ministry of Health Holdings’ nursing scholarship will enable her to experience different healthcare fields and make it easier for her to choose her area of specialisation.

It is also important to be aware of current job trends. As Singapore moves toward its Smart Nation vision, there is likely to be a demand for employees equipped with skills in infocommunications technology.

If you want to equip yourself with such skills, consider the new GovTech scholarship that has been set up to grow talents in the field of smart technologies.

3. How can I make a more informed decision?

At the Scholarships and Top Universities Fair happening that is on today at Suntec Convention Hall 403, consultants and scholars will be on hand to answer your queries.

You can also attend various seminars. If you are eyeing a career in Singapore Police Force, don’t miss the 12.50pm talk by assistant superintendent of police (ASP) James Goh.

If you are keen on a health sciences career, read about the journeys of past scholars to get a better idea on what you can expect when working in the industry.

At this important juncture of your life, be sure to do your research before you embark on your scholarship journey.