Scholarship Details

The Public Service Commission (PSC) safeguards the fundamental principles of integrity, impartiality and meritorcracy in the Singapore Public Service. It is a neutral and independent body which carries out its work without fear or favour. 

The PSC's key responsibilities include selecting and developing PSC Scholarship holders, appointing and promoting top talent, maintaining discipline amongs civil servants, and acting as the final appellate board to ensure that all officers are fairly and consistently treated.

PSC Scholarship: Legal Service

PSC scholarships provide outstanding young men and women who have the passion and conviction to serve Singapore and Singaporeans, through a rewarding career in the Public Service. PSC scholarship holders are funded to study a range of disciplines at good universities locally and overseas.


● Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents who should obtain Singapore citizenship before commencement of study

● Strong leadership qualities and interest in a public service career

● Pre-tertiary qualifications such as, GCE ‘A’ levels, International Baccalaureate Diploma, NUS High School Diploma, Polytechnic Diploma or other equivalent qualifications including those from overseas institutions

● Good co-curricular activities (CCA) record

Value of Scholarships

● Covers tuition fees (undergraduate and master's), maintenance allowances, approved airfares etc 

● Sponsorship for approved academic programmes and their associated costs

●Other programmes e.g. Gap Year attachment with PSC's partner companies

Bond Duration

(Based on country of study)
• Singapore: 4 years

• Singapore (Med/Den): 6 years

• Non-English speaking countries (e.g. China, France, Japan, Germany): 5 years

• US/UK: 6 years 

Where to Pursue

Our scholarship holders study in renowned universities based locally and globally (but not limited to): 
● Singapore
● UK
● US
●New Zealand
●Other non-traditional countries

Choice of Courses

A wide range of courses including (but not limited to):
● Engineering 
● Computer Science 
● Data Analytics
● Economics 
● Accountancy
● Science
● Mathematics
● Law
● Philosophy
● History, etc.


Scholars' Experience

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