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The Central Provident Fund (CPF) is a comprehensive social security system that enables working Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents to set aside funds for retirement. It also addresses healthcare, home ownership, family protection and asset enhancement.

CPF Board Mid-Term Local Undergraduate Scholarship

<p>As a CPFB Scholar, you will be working with various departments within CPF Board and Ministries to review and implement policies that will affect 3.9 million CPF members. You can also gain exposure and better understanding of how the various social security policies are intertwined through secondment to Ministries and rotations within CPF Board.</p>


Eligibility for CPF Board Mid-Term Local Undergraudate Scholarship

• Singapore Citizens or PRs on the date of application
• Current undergraduates with excellent results, 
  on track to graduate with at least Second-Upper
  Class Honours or equivalent 
• Have completed at least 1 academic semester in local 
  university and have not embarked on final year year of 
  study at point of application
• Good track record and active participation in CCAs
• Demonstrate strong leadership and interpersonal skills
• Strong desire for a meaningful career with CPF Board

Value of Scholarships

• All approved tuition and compulsory fees, including overseas exchange programme where relevant
• Book allowance and hostel fee
• Competitive monthly allowance
• Engaging internship opportunities 
• Exposure to meaningful work in CPF Board

Bond Duration

1 year of bond period for every year of sponsorship

Where to Pursue

Any Singapore's local universities (NUS, NTU, SUTD, SMU)

Choice of Courses

All undergraduate courses except Medicine and Dentistry and Pharmacy

Scholars' Experience

Giving Singaporeans a secure retirement

Through his work at the Central Provident...

Nurturing a growth mindset

CPF Board scholar Josiah Chia Jun Kit...

Groomed for leadership

The CPF Board Scholarship set Ms Daphne Wee...

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