Choosing between scholarship offers with equally attractive benefits and perks can be tricky. Apart from the prestige and popularity of a scholarship, consider these factors before making your decision. You should also ask yourself, where do your interests in your future job scope lie? Let the search begin!

Land Transport Authority (LTA)

LTA Local Study Award (Full-term / Mid-term)

Land Transport Authority (LTA)

As an LTA Local Study Award Holder, you can look forward to a fulfilling career in developing Singapore's land transport sector. Upon graduation, you can look forward to opportunities to work with cutting-edge technology on mega infrastructure projects.
Land Transport Authority (LTA)

LTA Local/Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship (Full-term & Mid-term)

Land Transport Authority (LTA)

The LTA Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to students who have strong leadership qualities and values as well as a passion for building up Singapore's land transport sector. Scholars will be able to pursue their undergraduate studies in some of the best universities, both locally and overseas.
Land Transport Authority (LTA)

LTA Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship (Non-English Speaking Countries)

Land Transport Authority (LTA)

As an LTA scholar, you may pursue an Engineering degree in non-English speaking countries such as France, Germany and Japan. At LTA, we welcome this diversity of talents to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to build up our transport system of tomorrow.

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