Choosing between scholarship offers with equally attractive benefits and perks can be tricky. Apart from the prestige and popularity of a scholarship, consider these factors before making your decision. You should also ask yourself, where do your interests in your future job scope lie? Let the search begin!

Ministry of Education (MOE)

Education Merit Scholarship (EMS)

Ministry of Education (MOE)

The Education Merit Scholarship (EMS) is offered to outstanding candidates with a strong passion for Education and teaching, for studies at the best universities both overseas and locally. EMS scholars will be given opportunities to hold top professional positions in the Education Service depending on their performance.
Ministry of Education (MOE)

MOE Teaching Award (MOE TA)

Ministry of Education (MOE)

The MOE Teaching Award (MOE TA) is tenable for full time undergraduate studies at local universities. MOE TA recipients can look forward to a fulfilling career in the Education Service, where they will be given opportunities for higher responsibilities according to their abilities.
Ministry of Education (MOE)

MOE Teaching Scholarship (MOE TS)

Ministry of Education (MOE)

The MOE Teaching Scholarships (MOE TS) is awarded for undergraduate studies tenable at both overseas and local universities. MOE TS scholars will be given opportunities to hold senior positions in teaching, leadership or senior specialist roles.
Ministry of Education (MOE)

Public Service Commission Scholarship (Teaching Service)

Ministry of Education (MOE)

The PSC(T) is awarded to outstanding students who demonstrate strong leadership abilities. PSC(T) scholars will be placed on the Public Service Leadership programme (PSLP) upon completion of their studies. They can look forward to a career that will include policy formulation and leadership roles in the larger civil service, including education.

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