Choosing between scholarship offers with equally attractive benefits and perks can be tricky. Apart from the prestige and popularity of a scholarship, consider these factors before making your decision. You should also ask yourself, where do your interests in your future job scope lie? Let the search begin!

National Institute of Education (NIE)

NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme (TSP)

National Institute of Education (NIE)

The NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme (TSP) is one of NTU's Premier Scholars' Programme. The 4-year programme offers in-depth content specialisation, research opportunities, leadership programmes, international practicum and semester exchanges.

Scholars' Experience

Twice the challenge

SMU Global Impact Scholarship holder Neel...

On the road to success

Mr Edmund Lee is driven by his passion to do...

Led by purpose

Looking for a meaningful career, Ms Angela...

Soaring high

In the SAF, COL Lau Boon Ping established a...

Touching lives one at a time

Healthcare Merit Award scholar Joanne Lim...