Choosing between scholarship offers with equally attractive benefits and perks can be tricky. Apart from the prestige and popularity of a scholarship, consider these factors before making your decision. You should also ask yourself, where do your interests in your future job scope lie? Let the search begin!

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

SIT Mid Term Scholarship

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Mid Term Scholarship will be awarded to students from a SIT or jointly conferred degree programme and have completed a minimum of 60 credits. This scholarship aims to encourage and cultivate a group of student leaders within the SIT body.
Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

SIT Scholarship

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Of the various types of scholarships that SIT offers, the SIT Scholarship is considered the most prestigious. As the flagship scholarship of SIT, a significant amount of resource is invested in it to cultivate a group of future leaders. We look for qualities such as commitment, integrity, passion, leadership and a strong potential to embody the SIT-DNA. We are on the look out for oustanding individuals with the potential to be distinguished SITizens to help us shape the student culture at...

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