Choosing between scholarship offers with equally attractive benefits and perks can be tricky. Apart from the prestige and popularity of a scholarship, consider these factors before making your decision. You should also ask yourself, where do your interests in your future job scope lie? Let the search begin!

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)

SPH Journalism Scholarship

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)

To grow our journalist talent, we offer scholarships to groom suitable candidates for middle to top management postions in the newsroom. SPH scholars are required to complete the full course of study for a first degree. We want talent people with curious minds, eager to get out there and discover what is happending in the world, and to tell everyone else about it. You must be ready and willing to take up a career in journalism with one of our publications.

Scholars' Experience

More than a safe choice

Senior assistant director Portia Loh...

A unique and diverse working experience

Opportunities abound for Ms Lee Su Fen, a...

Finding the right match

Beyond my early globetrotting dreams, I am...

Working behind the scenes

Superintendent of Police Xie Xingmao and his...

Operationally secure

Deputy Superintendent of Police Ong Ruo...