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These military soldiers play a big role in strengthening the nation’s defence
CPT Joelle Cheong, Staff Officer at the Joint Manpower Department in SAF. Photos: MINDEF

Serving in the Singapore Armed Forces has enabled these scholars to harbour a strong sense of duty towards their country


Being able to take on command, staff and training appointments, overcome different sets of challenges, and grow personally and professionally – these are the reasons Captain (CPT) Joelle Cheong joined the Singapore Army when she was 19 years old, and why the dynamic career appeals to her even today.

Previously a tank platoon commander in the 48th Battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment, SAF Merit Scholarship recipient CPT Cheong led and honed the competencies of her platoon in mounted warfare, moulding them into an operationally ready fighting unit. Going through the NS journey with her platoon has also given her a sense of fulfilment as she witnessed their growth as individuals and as a team.

“Seeing them become more independent as individuals, more confident as leaders, more selfless in their contributions to the platoon and to the defence of their country, was very meaningful and memorable for me.”

In her latest posting, she traded in her olive-green coveralls for the pressed No. 3 Dress uniform of a Staff Officer at the Joint Manpower Department in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

Her current job involves formulating manpower policies and plans to constantly improve manpower management across the SAF, and ensuring that service personnel are well taken care of as they contribute in their respective roles.

The opportunity to positively impact the lives of SAF personnel is one that she greatly appreciates.

“In my opinion, manpower and human resource management stand at the heart of the organisation as our people will be more committed if they know the organisation also cares about them,” she explains.

“Knowing that the work that I do impacts their lives motivates me to do my best to ensure that the plans and policies developed are beneficial to both our servicemen and servicewomen, as well as MINDEF/SAF.”

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