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Featuring valuable insights with our specially curated in-depth interviews with current and former scholars from both private and public sectors. Get ahead with practical advice that will help with your scholarship journey.

Using artificial intelligence to find hidden links for crime prevention
A career with the Singapore Police Force has enabled crime data analyst Chong Kai Ru to learn new skills to develop tools such as an anti-scam software
How trips to Israel and North Korea made her a better teacher
Travelling overseas taught Ms Tea Hui Wen the importance of embracing diversity - a lesson she now hopes to impart to her own students
This police officer is proud to don blue, and serve fellow Singaporeans with heart
From protecting residents to reviewing the Penal Code, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police Lee Huan Ting’s 13-year career in the Singapore Police Force has contributed towards building a safer nation
Her team’s high-tech gadget aided front-liners managing those under quarantine
To help keep track of those serving stay-home notices, engineer Ong Si Ci and her team worked on an e-monitoring wristband that could fi t both adults and children
Hackers beware! She is on guard against cyber attacks, even before they strike
HTX engineer Valencia Yoong uses her passion for science and technology to find ways to secure Singapore’s critical systems
Why this aspiring computer scientist has her sights set on a career in the maritime industry
As Singapore’s maritime industry rapidly digitalises, the sector will need more technology talents such as PSA – MaritimeONE scholarship holder Or Yi Ning
Growing into her shoes as a podiatrist through patience and perseverance
From managing wounds to building rapport with patients, podiatrist Jamie Kok finds fulfilment in helping people get back on their feet
The nurse with a heart for her patients, even beyond hospital walls
How Chua Yu Ru’s passion and drive to serve the underprivileged led her to become a community nurse
A bad fall inspired her to want to help others pick themselves up
While recovering from a knee injury, Community Care scholar Jace Ng realised she wanted to help other patients like her