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Featuring valuable insights with our specially curated in-depth interviews with current and former scholars from both private and public sectors. Get ahead with practical advice that will help with your scholarship journey.

Assistant Commissioner of Police's diverse postings are shaping him as a strategic leader
With each new position, the SPF scholar hones his skills to prepare for emerging threats and handle crises as they...
How a handwritten note and thoughtful words from her teachers propelled educator's career
Those acts of kindness made such a strong impact they inspired the MOE scholar to do the same for her...
The original influencers: Why he believes teachers can never be replaced by social media
Only human educators can build interpersonal relationships and impart lasting, good values, says this MOE scholar
Rehabilitation through empathy: Her personal key to turning inmates' lives around
MHA Uniformed Scholarship (SPS) holder impacts those behind bars with disipline as well as meaningful connections
Making a big impact with tiny bacteria: She's striving to improve human health with her work
This A*STAR scholar’s research on microbiome is making significant changes to society, from tackling obesity to boosting immunity
From rescues to shaping policy: How his real-life experiences are fuelling national safety
Whether with hands-on or administrative work, this MHA scholar (SCDF) wants to keep the vulnerable safe
Helping patients perform their daily tasks more easily so they get to enjoy life again
Forging a connection with his patients so that he can walk with them ontheir journey to recovery
Helping inmates break the cycle of crime
Her role as Superintendent at SPS has not only made an impact beyond the prison walls, but has changed her...
Meet the SPF Deputy Commander who has helped create a safer, better future for S'pore
He believes law enforcement should be carried out with compassion, in order to protect the vulnerable