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Pushing the boundaries of science, data and tech to boost human performance
From almost missing out on poly to landing a scholarship and MNC job
Helping inmates break the cycle of crime
From passion to profession: His future career in robotics will contribute towards a safer Singapore
Meet the SPF Deputy Commander who has helped create a safer, better future for Singapore
A relief teaching stint helped her discover her passion
Raising awareness about environment and sustainability issues
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This speech therapist wants to help her patients find their voice again
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Living out her childhood dream of being a teacher

Latest Articles

Raising awareness about environment and sustainability issues
In recognition of her role as a voice for environmental and sustainability issues, Ms Audrey Tan was awarded SPH Journalist of the Year in March 2021.
Her expertise as a radiographer lets her work with acquiring high quality, diagnostic X-rays of heart patients
A keen interest in the inner workings of the human body led SingHealth Health Science scholar Katherine Tan to pursue a career in radiography
How data brings about smoother rides for rail commuters
LTA scholar Chan Jie Yee uses new intelligence derived from data analytics models to keep Singapore’s railway systems running efficiently
Building an inclusive and secure digital future
Singapore’s investments in Smart Nation initiatives have enabled the city state to overcome many challenges, including the recent pandemic. Three Smart Nation scholars share insights into the work they do at CSA, GovTech and IMDA to help improve people’s lives, facilitate business innovation and build a world-class tech infrastructure for the digital age
This book lover is transforming the library-going experience
Ms Rosxalynd Liu believes public libraries are not just a gateway to learning and knowledge, but a community space to spark ideas and innovation.
Global opportunities helped her make a major discovery for science
Armed with an international education, A*STAR scholar Sarah Luo studies the connection between the brain and hunger
The scientist that conducts research to keep Singapore safe
Dr Malcolm Tessensohn’s research is being translated into real-world capabilities to help the Home Team fight crime and save lives
Her on-ground career experiences help her champion social cohesion
Ms Angela Tan’s work involves raising funds for those in need and supporting Singapore in its handling of the pandemic
Working at the airport taught this CAG scholar what it means to be adaptable in fast-changing world
Ms Megan Chin sees how the aviation sector responds to challenges in a pandemic – from starting a new food delivery service to a flight-to-nowhere initiative.
Harnessing the power of data to enhance our safety and security
With a degree in English Literature and a Masters in Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences, Ms Rachel Tan is now a data scientist at HTX