SPH Journalism Scholarship

As we embark on a digital transformation journey, we are rewriting our story, and that of Singapore’s media landscape. New technology will play a key part in this journey. So will the culture. Above all, we are looking at the next generation of truth-seekers like yourself – passionate, curious, and willing to explore. After all, in every story, it is the author who decides the outcome, not the pen. Admittedly, the challenge is daunting. If you’re game for it, it may be a once-in-life-time opportunity to be part of an epic story. 

Write your future with us through the SPH Journalism Scholarship.

2 Responses

  1. Can I apply as a Y3 Poly student and undergo the internship as part of my Poly requirement? Must I also secure a place at the university of my choice before applying for this scholarship?

    1. Hi Trish, thanks for your enquiry can you share with me your email address so that we can reach out to you directly.

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