The Loke Cheng-Kim Foundation

The Loke Cheng-Kim Foundation Scholarships

The Loke Cheng-Kim Foundation invites students who have applied for admission to courses leading to first degrees conferred by established local and overseas universities to apply for scholarship awards.

4 Responses

  1. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I understand that the Loke Cheng Kim Scholarship is also open for students pursuing humanities. As such, can I check if the Loke Cheng Kim Scholarship is open for postgraduate students pursuing International Relations (IR) overseas?

    Thank you!

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have recently graduated from the IB program in SJI in the year 2021, and was supposed to enlist for NS, and begin university in 2024. However, I have suddenly been exempted from NS, such that I will be beginning university this year. However, by the time I received the notice of exemption, the deadline for this scholarship had passed. May I know if it would be possible to make an exception in my situation and allow me to submit an application after the deadline? Thank you, and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Lee Rui Kai

    1. Hi Rui Kai,

      thanks for your inquiry can you share your email address so that we can reply to you directly.


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