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BCA scholar is making her future plans concrete

Photo Caption: Ms Tan Jing Ying, a BCA Local Undergraduate Scholarship recipient, says taking the scholarship has honed her adaptability and shored up her ability to think holistically.    

By Nicole Lim

Building and Construction Authority (BCA) scholarship recipients get to take on diverse roles and functions in the industry, which hones their adaptability and holistic thinking. 

Ms Tan Jing Ying, a BCA Local Undergraduate Scholarship recipient, notes that acquiring these skills is especially crucial in times of uncertainty, when timely and well-founded decisions need to be made to support and drive the industry forward. 

Ms Tan took up the scholarship in 2014. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, and worked as a civil engineer at BCA. Now an engineer at building consultancy Arup Singapore, she is also currently pursuing a Master of Science (Civil Engineering) at the National University of Singapore. 

She shares her keen interest in engineering and why she decided to take up the BCA scholarship. 


1. Tell us more about your degree programme and why you chose it. 

“As a civil engineer, I can appreciate the many areas within the field, such as structural analysis, geotechnical and foundation engineering, water resources engineering as well as design of concrete and steel structures.

“Observing how rapidly our city’s skyline has developed over the years made me appreciate the work done by professionals in the built environment sector. This made me want to actualise what I learnt in the classroom into reality, to shape our physical landscape, overcome structural challenges and achieve architectural dreams.”


2. Why did the scholarship with BCA appeal to you?

“I learnt about the scholarship through BrightSparks, a one-stop portal for students who are looking for scholarships and higher education.

“BCA is a regulator of the Built Environment industry and plays a key role in decision- and policy-making in this industry. I signed up for the scholarship in the hope of pursuing a dynamic and meaningful career, where I can contribute to shaping policies aimed at building a safe, high-quality and sustainable built environment.”


3. Tell us more about your previous stint at BCA’s Building Engineering Group as a civil engineer as well as your current role at Arup Singapore. 

“At BCA’s Policy and Regulations Department (Building Engineering Group), I was involved in the review of Singapore’s performance in the World Bank Doing Business Survey – Dealing with Construction Permits. Working with other agencies illustrated the importance of engagement with industry stakeholders, various public agencies and other countries, to ensure Singapore remains on trend and competitive. 

“At Arup Singapore, I support and run ongoing construction projects. I’ve worked on a variety of projects, such as the addition and alteration of an existing retail mall. I’ve also supported a commercial development at Mandai and a healthcare building. This has allowed me to appreciate the complexity of each project, gain design experience and understand challenges faced on the ground.”


4. Do you have any advice for prospective scholarship applicants and recipients?

“Attend scholarship talks and make full use of the scholarship guides available. Apply for job shadowing both in the public and private sectors to gain knowledge from the officers performing the jobs you are keen to pursue.”

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