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Empowered to create and unlock possibilities

Women considering a career in engineering may be hesitant as it is a traditionally male-dominated field, but Ms Regine Tang is confident that every person, regardless of gender, possesses unique qualities and can make contributions to the profession.

“The important thing is learning how to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with different people. There are times that you need to face intensive deliberations with various stakeholders, so developing both intra-personal and inter-personal skills are essential,” the 31-year-old Land Transport Authority (LTA) Signals division manager says.

To improve and excel

Her interest in the field was sparked during her studies in Biomedical Informatics and Engineering at Temasek Polytechnic.

Upon graduation in 2008, she decided to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) at Nanyang Technological University on the LTA Undergraduate Scholarship.

Now eight years into the job, Ms Tang oversees a team of engineers working on the automatic train control system for the signalling system on the North-South and East-West Lines. The signaling system is used to direct railway traffic and keep trains clear of each other at all times.

As part of the Systems sub-group, the Signals division’s scope includes developing the engineering master plan and engineering standards for the signaling system. In the project life cycle, the System sub-group leads the establishment of design criteria and performance specifications, and supports tender evaluations, design, installation, testing and commissioning reviews to ensure compliance with the standards set.

Her typical day at work consists of design reviews, interfacing and coordination meetings with stakeholders. Certain days may also require her to attend site installation and testing activities that take place after passenger service hours.

Deepening skill sets

In recognition of her good performance and dedication, Ms Tang was awarded the Ministry of Transport Beacon Scholarship in 2018. She went on to pursue a Master of Science in Railway Systems Engineering and Integration at University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

During the programme, she interacted with international professionals, specialists and peers in the railway industry. She also observed and experienced different railway settings, learnt more about other railway sub-systems, and got a better overview of their interdependencies.

Now that Ms Tang is back in Singapore, she is eager to gain more experience throughout the lifecycle of a system. She has worked on system conceptualisation, design, installation, testing and commissioning, and wants to gain insights into its operation and maintenance.

“Engineering gives one the ability to create. There are many possibilities that an engineer can explore,” she says.