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Finding the right match

Rural communities are enjoying access to clean water and that may have to do with Mr Kevin Low’s contributions.

As a lead in Infrastructure Asia, the 29-year-old helps regional clients identify gaps in their utilities needs and match them with Singapore agencies and companies with the expertise to drive and execute the projects.

Infrastructure Asia is a newly-formed organisation by Enterprise Singapore and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which drives infrastructure projects in the region. Enterprise Singapore works closely with local companies to build their capabilities, innovate and expand into overseas markets.

His previous experience as an officer at Enterprise Singapore’s Urban Solutions Division is integral to his current role as it gave him the opportunity to consider how Singapore-designed solutions for more developed markets can be adapted to address the needs of developing markets in South-east Asia.

Mr Low’s scope of work lies in areas related to the environment, such as power, energy and water treatment plants.

He considers a water treatment plant project in Indonesia a highlight in his three-year career with Enterprise Singapore. He worked with a Singapore water treatment company to secure the investment project.

Mr Low and his team took over two years of on-the-ground work and relationship building with partners in Indonesia to build trust and understand the needs of the client, before getting the project off the ground.

This is because the regulations and ways of doing business in overseas markets can be very different from Singapore, and the complexity of infrastructure projects also means that gestation periods are longer.

He says: “It was significant for me because we’d been trying to help grow this water treatment company into an asset developer, and the multi-year effort eventually bore fruit.”

Making a difference
Mr Low, a recipient of the Enterprise Singapore Global Executive Scholarship, began his career as an officer in Enterprise Singapore’s Urban Solutions Division in 2015 after completing a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the London School of Economics in 2013, and a Master of Arts in Economics from New York University in 2014.

He was seconded to Infrastructure Asia last April.

His work at Enterprise Singapore and Infrastructure Asia has taken him to many countries in Southeas Asia.

In Singapore, he meets potential investors and providers of professional services to understand their capabilities, risk appetite, concerns, as well as their target market. When abroad, he engages the government of that particular city or country to find out their development plans and talk to local businesses that may require infrastructure services. He then matches them with the relevant Singapore-based companies.

He shares that the best part of his career is witnessing the growth of individual enterprises as they spread their wings into regional and international markets.

“Beyond my early globe-trotting dreams, I am deeply grateful to play a part in Singapore’s development efforts on the international front.”