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Making things better

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Wong Rong Kai, Commanding Officer (CO) of Bukit Timah Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC), is a geek and proud of it.

When he is not carrying out his policing duties, the 31-year-old enjoys playing strategy and role-playing games online.

DSP Wong also reads widely — he cannot resist a good book on governance or history, Chinese wuxia novels, and the Black Library — Warhammer 40K graphic novel series. He also makes it a point to read feature articles online.

“I am always curious about what is out there, how the universe works and how to improve things,” he says.

The son of a bus captain and housewife received the Singapore Government Scholarship (SGS) in 2005.

His aptitude for strategic thinking and hunger for knowledge put him in good stead as the CO of about 100 officers at Bukit Timah NPC. DSP Wong is responsible for overseeing the operations within the NPC’s precincts to ensure the safety and security of the community.

His work is making a difference in the lives of the residents, community and his fellow officers. One notable initiative is Bukit Timah NPC’s annual Safety and Security Awareness Workshop which teaches foreign domestic workers in the precinct about local laws and how to avoid becoming victims of crime.

DSP Wong’s scholarship experience taught him how to work well with people from different cultures and organisational practices.

On the SGS, DSP Wong pursued a Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom from 2008 to 2012.

“Half of the students there were foreigners, and I worked with project mates from countries such as Nigeria, India and Denmark. They introduced me to new ideas and ways of thinking,” he recalls.

People were happy to speak up and share their thoughts. The confluence of ideas encouraged us to ‘agree to disagree’, and to look at issues from different viewpoints before coming to a decision.”

On his return to active duty in 2012, the SPF has provided him with leadership and professional development opportunities through foundational postings in investigation and operations, including stints as Investigation Officer and Neighbourhood Police Centre Team Leader. He also did intelligence work before assuming the role of Commanding Officer.

DSP Wong says: “The SPF is at an exciting stage in its evolution as it works to stay on top of emerging strategic trends.

“I hope to contribute significantly to the next model of frontline policing.”