MOHH Holdings Pte Ltd

MOH Holdings is the holding company of Singapore’s public healthcare clusters and agencies –National Healthcare Group (NHG), National University Health System (NUHS), Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) and agencies such as Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) and Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS)

We partner the Ministry of Health, the three integrated healthcare clusters, AIC and IHiS in building a strong talent pipeline for Singapore’s public healthcare sector. 



Community Care Scholarship
The Community Care Scholarship is awarded to individuals with strong academic track records and a passion to lead and make a difference in community care.
Healthcare Merit Award
The Healthcare Merit Award is awarded to promising students with strong academic track records and a passion to pursue great careers in public healthcare.
Healthcare Administration Scholarship
The Healthcare Adminstration Scholarship is awarded to students who wish to pursue a meaningful and challenging career as a healthcare administrator in Singapore’s public healthcare sector.
Integrated Nursing Scholarship
The Integrated Nursing Scholarship aims to nurture the next generation of nurse leaders.
Community Nursing Scholarship
The Community Nursing Scholarship is awarded to nurture the next generation of community nursing leaders. It is offered in partnership with the public healthcare institutions and community care providers.
Healthcare Graduate Studies Award (Post-Graduate Scholarship)
The Healthcare Graduate Studies Award is awarded to individuals who are keen to join the public healthcare sector while demonstrating academic excellence and community spirit.