Singapore Land Authority (SLA)

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) optimises land resources for the economic and social development of Singapore. As an SLA scholar, you will play a key role in shaping and changing Singapore’s landscape. We are offering scholarships to passionate and outstanding talents like you to grow with us.


Singapore Undergraduate Scholarship
We challenge our most precious asset to create value for our most precious resource. The SLA Undergraduate Scholarship opens up opportunities for you to pave an extraordinary career!
Singapore GeoSpatial Scholarship
Geospatial is the science of using location information to better understand the world we are living in, provide insights for enhanced decision making and greater convenience for a Smart Nation....
Singapore Geomatics Scholarship
A Geomatics Engineer captures real world data and translates them into accurate digital information that support data-driven decision-making within the public sector. As a Singapore Geomatics Scholar, you will contribute...