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At A*STAR, you will be part of a vibrant and innovative team, dedicated to drive A*STAR's mission to advance science and develop innovation technology to further economic growth and improve lives.

We firmly believe that people are our greatest asset.

The A*STAR Graduate Academy provides scholarships and fellowships to enable young aspiring scientific talent to pursue their passion in science, and prepare them for a rewarding career in R&D. In addition to offering scholarships and awards for undergraduate, PhD and post-doctoral studies at top universities and laboratories locally and overseas, we offer awards and attachment opportunities for pre-university students.

Singapore’s Research, Innovation and Enterprise ecosystem has developed significantly over the past decade, and has grown to include a growing number of public and private R&D players.  This has in turn resulted in a growing demand for PhD talent in various fields.

In recognition of the diverse talents, strengths and interests of our PhD scholars, we have created multiple pathways for our scholars, providing them with opportunities to develop and chart their careers in industry, academia, spin-off companies, patent examination, technology transfer and research management after their first two years with A*STAR.

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A*STAR International Fellowship (AIF)

<p>A*STAR International Fellowship, fully funds your post-doctoral training for up to 2 years at leading overseas laboratories. With this international exposure, you can connect with the global research community and build international networks.</p>


Expand your research experience, deepen your knowledge and form global connections that will advance your scientific career with the A*STAR International Fellowship.
This scholarship fully funds your post-doctoral training for up to 2 years at leading overseas laboratories. With this international exposure, you can connect with the global research community and build international networks.
Upon completion your post-doctorate training, you will be embarking on an exciting career at an A*STAR research institute:

• Applicants must be Singaporean and other nationals may apply, but non-Singaporeans are required to have obtained Singapore citizenship prior to the commencement of the fellowship.
• Have completed a PhD within the last 4 years
• Possess excellent publication records
• Not have existing bonds to any institution
• Have applied or be applying for a relevant post-doctoral position at a top overseas university/laboratory
• Applicants in the final stages of their PhD may apply for the AIF. However, their AIF award is confirmed only upon conferment of their PhD degree

The above eligibility criteria are not exhaustive.
A*STAR may include additional selection criteria based on prevailing scholarship policies. These policies may be amended from time to time without notice.

Value of Scholarships

Successful applicants will be given the following support* for up to 2 years of overseas post-doctoral research training:
• Monthly overseas living allowance
• Monthly sustenance allowance, inclusive of CPF contribution (where applicable)
• Annual return airfare
• Other allowances including
- Settling-in allowance
- Computer allowance
- Conference allowance
• Annual personal insurance

*All rates/allowances vary according to country and university/lab, and are subject to A*STAR adjustments from time to time

Bond Duration

3 years at an A*STAR research institute upon completion of post-doctoral research training.

Where to Pursue

Top global universities

Choice of Courses

• Biomedical Sciences
• Physical Sciences
• Engineering & Technology
• Computing and Information Science


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