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Ministry of Defence / Singapore Armed Forces

The mission of MINDEF and the Singapore Armed Forces is to enhance Singapore’s peace and security through deterrence and diplomacy, and should these fail, to secure a swift and decisive victory over the aggressor.

MINDEF/SAF scholarships are offered to those who are willing to take up the challenge and answer the call of defending our nation. Taking up the MINDEF/SAF scholarship is not just about seeking a job or a career but it is about a lifelong mission to contribute to the peace and security of Singapore. 



The PSC Scholarship Engineering (Defence and Security) is awarded to students who have an interest to study and practise engineering in the public service and passion to use their skills...
The SAF Scholarship (Uniformed)
The SAF Scholarship was introduced in 1971 to attract top talents into the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Previously known as the SAF Overseas Scholarship (SAFOS), its prestige is second only...
SAF Merit Scholarship (Uniformed)
The SAF Merit Scholarship equips you with a world-class education and exposes you to training that will develop your operational know-how and expertise relevant to the organisation. You will be...
SAF Engineering Scholarship (Uniformed)
The SAF Engineering Scholarship is for aspiring engineers-to-be with the interest and commitment to join the SAF as Military Experts. You will form the next generation of leaders in our...
Defence Merit Scholarship (Non-Uniformed)
The Defence Merit Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship offered by MINDEF fornon-uniformed appointments in the organisation. The scholarship grants you a world-class education at some of the most eminent universities....
SAF Academic Scholarship
The SAF Academic Scholarship is offered to bright and promising SAF officers whowill be given the opportunity to study at either prestigious overseas universities, military academies, or local universities.
SAF Medicine Scholarship (Uniformed)
The only scholarship for those who aspire to become military doctors, the SAF Medicine Scholarship offers you the opportunity to pursue medical studies locally and prepares you as an officer...
SAF Dentistry Scholarship (Uniformed)
An exclusive scholarship offered only by the SAF, the SAF Local Dentistry Scholarship offers you an opportunity to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry locally and develops you as an...
SAF Academic Award (Uniformed)
The SAF Academic Award is for bright young SAF officers with an interest in a military career to pursue their education in local universities
SAF Engineering Award (Uniformed)
The SAF Engineering Award is awarded to promising Military Experts in the SAF for studies in local universities.